White Plains City Court

The White Plains City Court is located at 77 South Lexington Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601.  This Court handles misdemeanor criminal charges originating within the City of White Plains.  They also have jurisdiction to arraign defendants charged with felonies originating within the City of White Plains.  Additionally, the Court handles certain civil matters and traffic matters.  

As the Criminal Court for the City of White Plains, a multitude of criminal charges are heard by this Court including, but not limited to, DWI, DWAI, False Personation, Criminal Posession of a Controlled Substance, Petit Larceny, Assault, VTL 511 charges, Criminal Mischief,  and Disorderly Conduct to name a few.  In my experience as a White Plains criminal defense lawyer, I have found this Court to maintain a busy calendar and it is not uncommon for the Court to hear fifty or more criminal cases each day.  

The Court is accessible via both Metro North and the Bee Line Bus System.  There is limited meter parking available however, visitors to the Court may park in the Supreme Court parking lot and Galleria Mall parking lot located next to the Court.  

The Court may be reached at (914) 824-5675.