New York Junior License and Suspension for Moving Violation Traffic Tickets

As a Westchester County and New York City criminal defense attorney, I receive many calls from prospective clients who have just received a traffic ticket and currently hold a Junior License.  The first question always is, "Can I lose my license as a result of this ticket?"

New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) Section 510 governs suspensions and revocations of certain class  DJ (commonly known as Junior Licenses).  Under this section, the holder of a Junior License may have their privilege to drive in New York State suspended or revoked for various reasons, including a conviction for what the Law classifies as a "serious traffic violation". That term is further defined in the section and includes, but is not limited to, violations such as red light and stop sign violations, and certain speeding tickets. 

Accordingly, the consequences of pleading guilty to certain traffic tickets while holding a Junior License can be severe and individuals faced with this situation should consult a qualified
attorney prior to agreeing to enter into a plea.